About us

Events Barn History

The Events Barn and homestead was built in 1874. My grandparents, purchased the farm in 1925. The farm has served our family well over the years. My parents raised 12 kids on the farm! Today my wife and I are working hard and enjoying life as it happens with our 3 daughters. The farm continues to provide for our family and we hope to maintain it for future generations.

Farming then and now

From dairy farming to vegetables and small fruits. The practice of families canning and storing fruits and vegetables for the winter nearly disappeared with the invention of the Supermarket. Today we are experiencing a revival in the demand for local foods and products. In part because it makes good economic sense, but also because we have an obligation to future generations to provide clean air, water, and food.

An organic process

In 1994 my wife and I began working towards a sustainable life here on our farm. Working with what skills we had in pottery, taxidermy, gardening and crafts, we set up our studio workshops in the old farm buildings. Life for us has always been an organic process. In 2005 after several years of piece by piece construction, struggling with building codes and zoning issues, we opened the Events Barn.

Agricultural Tourism

Today we continue working toward the dream of a sustainable farm, but more importantly a future for our family and farm. Opening the Events Barn and inviting the community to the farm has been a big step for us. We came to realize that a balance had to be made between farming the land and connecting the community with the farm. We started out with a weekly music series called the Black Cat Concert Series featuring local independent Artists. After a couple of years we began adding weddings and other private events. It’s been interesting learning how to promote the Events Barn and seeing how it has evolved to satisfy the audience and the community’s needs.

Community Farmers Markets

Over the past 10 years we have been able to expand our gardens of vegetables and small fruits each year. This expansion is made possible by community Farmers Markets, local restaurants, and CSA members (community supported agriculture). Local community support is what puts small farms back in business.

Economic Benefits

Agricultural tourism on the farm creates direct economic benefits for our community. Weddings and other events hire local caterers, photographers, event planners, musicians, bar tenders, wait staff, rental equipment, florists, taxies and shuttle services. Provides indirect benefits for the community in gasoline, food, lodging and other sales.