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Slow Sunday

The very last slow Sunday before the start of summer tourist season finds some of us gathering at Kathy and Dave Coveyou’s farm for an impromptu photo shoot and last minute musings about our exciting roller coaster life styles, the feast or famine cycles of farming in Northern Michigan. Represented are: Coveyou Scenic Farm Market, Farmer White’s, Dhaseleer Farm and Pond Hill Farm.



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Spring to Spring

Spring was long under way while I was visiting the south of Germany, enjoying lots of white asparagus sold out of very solid looking road side stands with porta potties attached… wish I had a photo.

I do however have a photo of the very solid country architecture throughout the Chiemgau, which is where the reknown Land Artist Nils-Udo lives and works. A most inspiring landscape undisturbed by whatever shapes man saw fit to add to it. Ultimate harmony between nature and the man made.


Meanwhile, back at the farm, this was getting built by Carl and Irah. You guessed it. It will be used to show wedding guests around the farm while the bride and groom are having their pictures taken.


When I came home to very cold temps in Northern Michigan I found this by the lake in search of spring!


…and this in our yard.


All very sparse after rich bloom in Germany.

Yet a week later my second SPRING is prying its way in on our fields.


Stop in any time!


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Wedding flowers and garden tours

This September and October we are redesigned our gardens to be more efficient by installing permanent garden beds eliminating the need to disk, plow and cultivate large areas. Permanent beds are more efficient requiring less fertilizer, water, and labor. We installed underground drip irrigation for each bed, eliminating the labor of moving garden hoses across acres of ground.  Now we are concentrating on soil quality within each bed by doing soil tests and adding organic fertilizers, tilling the soil several times and removing all the stones, and planting in cover crops that will be tilled into the beds later for increased fertility. We are working on adding a flower garden for wedding guests to enjoy and pick for table centerpieces. We also are working on ideas for regular garden tours, and possibly offering garden shares for this coming summer. Come out anytime for a visit!